The HPA wants You!

We are an army of fans, activists, nerdfighters, teenagers, wizards and muggles dedicated to fighting for social justice with the greatest weapon we have-- love. Join us!

Did you ever wish that Harry Potter was real? Well it kind of is.

Just as Dumbledore’s Army wakes the world up to Voldemort’s return, works for equal rights of house elves and werewolves, and empowers its members, we: Work with partner NGOs in alerting the world to the dangers of global warming, poverty, and genocide. Work with our partners for equal rights regardless of race, gender, and sexuality. Encourage our members to hone the magic of their creativity in endeavoring to make the world a better place. Join our army to make the world a safer, more magical place, and let your voice be heard!

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    • Equality For The Win Vote 2012

      EFTW: VOTE 2012

      We teamed up with our members and some amazing partners to work on marriage equality in Maine and the DREAM act in Maryland. Read About It
    • Accio Books

      Accio Books!

      The HPA took Accio Books! to new heights this year! First, our members collected a staggering 30,000 books for underprivileged kids in just two months, then we expanded to LeakyCon, and now have started The Apparating Library. Read About It
    • Top 7 Things That Happened At LeakyCon 08/15/2014: We had the time of our lives at LeakyCon, and we still can’t quite believe it’s over. Since we don’t have a time turner, here are just a few of our favorite memories from LeakyCon 2014: 1. ...
    • Hermione Granger wants YOU - Granger Leadership Academy! 08/14/2014: Hermione Granger: Part human. Part cat. ALL hero. Hermione Granger is the HPA’s catspiration, and she’s also a huge influence on our social change methodology. When Hermione believed in...
    • Hangin' with the HPA at LeakyCon 07/27/2014: In just 3 days, we’re going to back Hogwarts. We’ll be at LeakyCon in Orlando, FL this whole weekend. This is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s also one of our busiest. Our plan...