February Wrap-Up: Congratulations, Ravenclaw!

With February drawn to a close and March bringing with it a brand new House Cup competition in the form of Accio Books!, it’s time to take a look back at the Bullying Horcrux competition. Congratulations are in order for Ravenclaw house, who won the cup for February!

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Just One Aspect of Who I Am

I am queer. And even though I am out to everyone, it still feels like a small act of bravery to even be able to say it.

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Start Wrock 4 Equality 2 Early!

With Wrock 4 Equality 2 just a few days away, you can give your house a head-start and start getting the word out to Rhode Islanders early!

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Wrock 4 Equality 2 Takes Place This Saturday, February 26th!

Get ready to wrock out for marriage equality! The big Wrock 4 Equality 2 event will take place on Saturday, February 26.  Join us at our Livestream channel starting at 10:30 a.m. EST and going until 9 p.m. EST, where we’ll be helping MASS Equality and Marriage Equality Rhode Island make phone calls to the […]

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Gender Expectations Can Feel Like a Costume that Doesn’t Fit

Like most people, I haven’t always liked everything about the way I look. For me the issue has been less about whether my hair is straight or curly, or what color my eyes are. Instead, my problems come from my relationship to my gender.

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Proud of My Family, But Not of My Government

My parents have been together for nearly ten years, but in the eyes of the United States they have not been honestly, truly married for even one of them.

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Let’s Make It Better Together

The HPA is pledging to Make It Better. We are here to say “No more!” No more bullies. No more ignorance. No more thoughtlessness. No more intolerance. No more inequality. No more hate. We will Make It Better. We will Make It Better together. We will Make It Better now!

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