6 months of winning!

Thanks to you, our second-annual Equality FTW campaign was our most successful ever. We raised $184,838 – almost double our goal. Because of your generosity, we’ve been able to accomplish some great things in the last seven months. Our Hunger Games campaign “Odds In Our Favor” is truly catching fire: our “The Hunger Games Are Real” video has over 400,000 […]

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The Resistance Has a Home Base!

  It’s been fun plastering the Capitol with our three finger salutes and messages of solidarity, but we wanted to make sure you’re in the loop about our super awesome home base: This collaborative tumblr project has been putting out information about real-life economic inequality three times a day for several weeks now. We need […]

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Subtle Sexism is Still Sexism

So. We’ve come a long way, and everyone realizes we still have a long way to go when it comes to ameliorating the discrepancy in the wage gap between males and females. In 2011, women were making only 82% of the weekly earnings of the male counterparts (Bureau of Labor Statistics). I don’t want to […]

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Equality FTW Update

We’re going into the final stretch of the Indiegogo campaign for Equality FTW! The support that everyone has shown has just been incredible so far, with $78,354 raised as of the posting of this blog, 2,039 backers and so much buzz going around the internet we can’t keep track of it all! Thank you so […]

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An Ode To Halves

In honor of our Equality FTW campaign reaching the halfway mark of our fundraising goal… $50,000! Harry Potter World Halves:  1.  Quidditch gloves (one for each hand) 2.  Half-giants (Hagrid!) 3. Two way mirrors (or two way mirror shards) 4. Vanishing cabinets 5. Romantic pairings 6. A person splinched in two after an unfortunate attempt at […]

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Equality FTW — Let’s Go!

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year… EFTW fundraising! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/equality-ftw-2013 It’s time to get pumped up to fund the HPA’s next bout of Awesomeness with a capital A. Last year, the HPA did some pretty wonderful things thanks to our sponsors– we helped pass legislation, brought chocolate and it’s potentially terrible manufacturing process […]

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An Immigrant’s Progress

Trees are funny things. They are held in place by tiny, hidden roots and they come into incredible power through millions of branches, big and small. It is sometimes hard to see where one root or bough starts and the spider webs of vessels and twigs stop. The more I unearth my history, the more […]

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What It Feels Like For A Girl (AKA The Blog I’ve Been Waiting To Write)

The list of commemorative months is long and- I’ll admit it- kind of amusing. There is, of course, National Novel Writing Month (November), which I’m sure most of you have heard of- but did you know that in the US, July is considered ‘National Hotdog Month’? And according to Wikipedia, September also celebrates a seemingly […]

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Show Us the Report: A College Chapter Story

  Oh, know the perils, read the signs, The warning history shows, For our Hogwarts is in danger From external, deadly foes And we must unite inside her Or we’ll crumble from within -The Sorting Hat, Order of the Phoenix   The past two weeks, my college’s HPA chapter has been tabling for signatures for […]

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“Progress in Marriage Equality” 2.0

When I joined the HPA staff back in September, one of the first blogs I wrote was about my personal experience with marriage equality (you can read it here). I compared equality to a baby taking it’s first steps- excruciatingly slow. “It may take decades for it to reach it’s goal… But it will get […]

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