Imagine Better Project

feeling apocolypsey?

Imagine a world where Harry Potter fans come together with fans of Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Trek and Glee to build a community of activists. Imagine this coalition of united fans working with the world’s most prominent YouTube celebrities, actors and best selling authors to change the world.

This is the Harry Potter Alliance’s Imagine Better Project. The Imagine Better project takes a grassroots approach to harnessing the energy of popular culture, modern mythology and social media for social change. It is a place where we take all of the stories and communities that excite us and turn them into fuel for a better world. Where fans of all stories can join forces to turn the fictions they love into the world they can imagine.

The Harry Potter series gave us the opportunity to learn what we can do as a fandom. Through our love of Harry we have built an active and engaged community committed to making the world a better place. Now it’s time to connect with other fandoms and communities, to take the power of storytelling that has provided us with such thrilling opportunities so far, and to expand it to other fandoms. So start thinking! What stories excite you? What parallels do you see between your favorites and our world? How can we use those parallels to realize our capacity to change the world?

*Come on, think about it. Whether it’s the Hellmouth threatening to swallow the world whole, a battle between Heaven and Hell, the stars going out, or simply that Irene Adler has beat the world’s only consulting detective, the apocalypse is nigh and it’s our job to step into the shoes of our favorite heroes and, you know, avert catastrophe and then film it for posterity.