History of the House Cup

accio booksAccio Books! 2013 (April/May 2013)
In April and May of 2013, the HPA partnered with the International Quidditch Association and NaNoWriMo to support the vision of Maria Keller, an awesome seventh grader who wants to donate one million books to needy children by the time she turns 18. With the help of our fantastic Chapters program and our lovely members, we collected and donated a total of 30,217 books! After two straight years of Hufflepuff domination, our Accio Books! House Cup was claimed by Ravenclaw, who accounted for over 11,000 books and over a third of our total! Great job, Ravenclaw! You really know how to tame the badger!
equality for the winEqualityFTW:Vote 2012 (Nov, 2012)
On November 4-6 2012, the House Cup Competition focused around 2 main tasks. The first was phone banking for Marriage Equality in Maine, where members earned 5 points for every dial. Over 2 short days, we made over 3,000 class to Maine residents. The second phase was sharing the DFTVA on Facebook friend’s pages in house colors to earn 1 point per share. Ravenclaw was ready to go and suceeded, bringing home the cup with 5,939 points!
deathly hallowsDeathly Hallows Campaign Cup (Oct/July, 2011)
The DHC House Cup Competition was long and treacherous spanning months, campaigns, issues, and events, and now the lion is king (or queen) once more.
LONG LIVE THE LION! Under the fearless leadership of best-selling author Melissa Anelli, Gryffindor won the House Cup. Congratulations Gryffindor!
accio booksAccio Books! 2011 (Illiteracy Horcrux – March/April, 2011)
In March and April of 2011, the HPA fought the Illiteracy Horcrux with our third annual Accio Books! drive. This year we donated a total of 32,011 books. Of those, 9,283 books went to help build the Imagine Better library for the The Bedford-Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School (BSNBC) in New York.
Also new to Accio Books! this year, the HPA teamed with Borders Bookstore, so that the proceeds of 486 books went to help build shelves for the Imagine Better library.
For the second year running, Hufflepuff, under the leadership of best-selling author John Green, won the House Cup with 118,100 points. Congratulations Hufflepuff!
bullying horcruxBullying Horcrux, Deathly Hallows Campaign (Feb 2011).
In February of 2011 the HPA continued the Deathly Hallows Campaign with the Bullying Horcrux. HPA members collected over 1,100 signatures on the Make It Better Oath, and encouraged people to become a Fan for Equality by joining in a Facebook page that gained over 2,270 fans! During Wrock for Equality 2 they made more than 6,200 phone calls to Rhode Island residents in support of marriage equality and generated 214 digital postcards. Ravenclaw won the house cup with 12,630 points. Thanks to Alex Benepe, our Ravenclaw Head of House, and congratulations Ravenclaws!
starvation wagesStarvation Wages Horcrux, Deathly Hallows Campaign (December, 2010)
In December of 2010, the HPA kicked off the Deathly Hallows Campaign with the Starvation Wages Horcrux House Cup. HPA members collected over of 15,000 signatures for the Fair Trade petition and 114 individuals sent letters to WB in support of this cause. Gryffindor, under Head of House Jarrod Perkins of wrock band Gred and Forge, won the competition with 32,100 points. This win put Gryffindor in the lead for the Deathly Hallows Campaign House Cup. Congratulations, Gryffindor!
accio booksAccio Books! 2010 (March, 2010)
In March 2010, HPA members donated 41,415 books to the Delta Center for Culture and Learning in Mississippi and in their own communities around the world. Like Accio Books! 2009, members won house points for each book donated. Hufflepuff won the House Cup, with 219,260 points. Thanks to Hufflepuff Head of House Lauren Fairweather, and congratulations Hufflepuffs!
wrock 4 equalityWrock 4 Equality (November, 2009)
In November 2009, the HPA called for members to help protect marriage equality in Maine. HPA members registered their houses through a phone system provided by Mass Equality and received 5 points for every phone call made reminding residents of Maine to protect marriage equality. At the same time, HPA members went door-to-door, earning points for their respective houses – 15 points for every house visited, and 20 points for speaking with someone directly. The winning house was Gryffindor with 10,350 points. Congratulations Gryffindors!
accio books Accio Books! 2009 (March, 2009)
Ravenclaw house won the inaugural House Cup competition with 27,905 points during our first annual book drive, Accio Books! Thanks to the efforts of special guest head of house Evanna Lynch, HPA members and chapters donated 13,481 to local communities across the world and our partner ASYV (Agohozo Shalom Youth Village) in Rwanda. Members received 5 points for every book donated to a local organization, 10 points for every book that donated to ASYV, and 15 points for every Harry Potter book donated to ASYV. Congratulations Ravenclaw!