The House Cup



Dumbledore has decreed the following point structure for this year’s Accio Books House Cup competition:

15 points for each book donated to Operation Breakthrough or Borderline Books.
10 points for each book donated in your local community
5 bonus points for each Harry Potter book in your donation haul

Plus, you can follow the HPA on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to keep up to date on the competition and for the opportunity to earn BONUS POINTS during the campaign

Points must be recorded before June 2 to be counted toward the House Cup, so be sure and log your donations before then!

Last year, Ravenclaw was victorious in the House Cup. Can the other houses challenge their book-loving supremacy this year? Time will tell.

house cupThe House Cup Competition is a friendly way to come together to bring Dumbledore’s and Harry’s spirits into our world. In the Harry Potter books, the four houses of Hogwarts compete against each other to win The House Cup at the end of each school year. At the Harry Potter Alliance, we invite Harry Potter fans to join the HPA, and become members of Dumbledore’s Army by selecting their Houses and participating in House Cup competitions.

Points are assigned for various tasks and participating members can claim points for their House by completing those tasks. Check back during future campaigns new House Cup Competitions and your chance to bring honor and glory to your house!