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HPA featured Chapter

Chapter Fast Facts

Our major accomplishments include:

  • Last Christmas season, we collected presents for the Christmas party of the food bank of Leipzig. We were able to give the kids many Harry Potter books and lots of other amazing toys. Many of our members donated presents via owl or in person. We had a wonderful meet-up at the Christmas Market to celebrate our first event, which was calles “Sei ein Weihnachtsweasley” (“Be a Christmas Weasley”)
  • For Accio Books 2014, we decided to not only encourage our chapter’s members to donate books to charities in their local environment, but to also partner up with Astrid-Lindgren-School in Soest to collect books for their library. We put up book boxes in stores in Soest and promoted the campaign in the local newspaper. Members could send in their books via mail as well. More than 450 books were donated to the school that way which is a lot more than we expected.

Our Mission as an HPA chapter
The HPA Germany’s mission is to connect Harry Potter fans from all over Germany. We hope to do good with the help of the messages from the Harry Potter universe. We want to be as fierce as Harry, smart as Hermione, loving as Ron, powerful as Ginny, brave as Neville and glowing as Luna. We would like to lighten up areas where it has been dark before – fill library with books, give presents to children to in need, bring smiles to people’s face. We could just use a better floo powder network to overcome the distance between us ;)