WE WON! Harry Potter chocolate will be fair trade.

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Once again, the Harry Potter fandom has achieved something totally unprecedented.

After several years of concentrated effort, we can confirm that Warner Bros. has committed to making all Harry Potter-branded chocolate 100% Fair Trade or UTZ certified. The company has stated that this important shift to ethical cocoa sourcing will be complete by the end of 2015.


Fan activism has never had a victory like this before. An achievement of this magnitude has required four years, over four hundred thousand signatures, and a lot of help from many passionate and dedicated people. I’ve been completely astounded by the sustained effort we’ve seen from our members, chapters, and volunteers — who, collectively, have served as the backbone of this campaign from the start. I’ve also been truly inspired by my great friend and colleague, HPA Movement Director Andrew Slack, who has ensured that we’ve remained unwavering in our message that all Harry Potter products should abide by the morals of the Harry Potter series.

I’ve been touched to see friends like John Green, Kristina Horner, and Simon Billenness add their voices to the cause over the years. I’ve been honored to work with Walk Free, whose energy and conviction has never faltered despite many obstacles along the way. I’ve also been thrilled by the vote of confidence we’ve received from JK Rowling, for whom this victory must feel like a vindication of the lessons embedded in the fabric of her most celebrated fictional universe.

Of course, this victory would be impossible without a genuine effort from Warner Bros. to take the steps necessary to make this commitment to ethical chocolate sourcing. In the company’s own words: “We value and appreciate the collective voice of the Harry Potter Alliance members, and Harry Potter fans all over the world, and their enthusiasm and love for the world of Harry Potter.”

I feel so grateful to be part of this community of enthusiastic and driven people. This incredible victory proves that when we decide we want to achieve something, we will achieve it — no matter how long it takes or how much painstaking effort it requires. Most importantly though, I’m happy that this victory means that less children will be forced into slavery. Less families will be torn apart by brutal, inhumane business practices. Warner Bros.’ commitment to fair trade chocolate will bring increased awareness to the issue and encourage more major corporations to commit to ethical cocoa sourcing.

Thank you all for helping us achieve this incredible victory — but let’s keep in mind that this is one battle in a war that is far from over. Please help us continue to fight for human rights and equality with a generous donation today!

With love and admiration,

Matt Maggiacomo
Executive Director
The Harry Potter Alliance

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District 13 Rebels


Last November, you joined our Odds In Our Favor campaign to help us take down the Capitol and everything it stands for. Next week, we’re launching Phase Two of the campaign and we need your help again.As we approach the release of The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Part 1, we have a unique opportunity: People are paying attention, and we can funnel that into something great.

When Catching Fire was released, we were impressed by the tone-deaf marketing and promotion of the movie franchise. Instead of highlighting social and economic injustice, it was used as an opportunity to glamorize the high-end fashion of the Capitol and sell makeup and fast-food sandwiches. So as fan activists, we worked to take back the narrative.

This year we’re taking that a step further.

You’ll be receiving instructions via electronic transmission in the coming days outlining your role in Phase Two of the resistance.

On Sunday the 16th of November at 6:30 pm EST, we will be hosting a training session to brief you on tactics for the campaign. You can RSVP here.

If the odds aren’t in our favor, we should change the odds.

District 13

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Make Magic…On Election Day!

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 5.48.57 PM

There are lots of opportunities to make a difference on Election Day (November 4!), and you don’t even need to be 18! Whatever action you take, let us know! Send your photos to katieb@thehpalliance.org.

Get Visible IRL
• Help your community remember to vote by using a campaign tactic called “Visibility”. Make posters that say “Make Magic: Go Vote!” and other GOTV reminders. Then, head to a busy traffic stop or pedestrian area. Spend an hour or two waving signs, giving thumbs up, and making each other laugh as you remind commuters to get to the polls. Remember, never block traffic or put yourself in harm’s way.

Get Visible Online
• Get on social media! Share stories, photos, and links that remind friends that it’s time to get out and vote!
• Have friends or relatives who aren’t social media people (whaaa??)? Send them a quick email or, even better, give them a call and ask them to vote.

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Thank you!


Thank you for everything you did to help this campaign!

Together we raised $154,711!

That’s gamechanging.

Thank you for being with us every step of the way. It means so much to us.

With so much gratitude,
Andrew, Paul, Acacia, Lauren, Matt, Claudia and the rest of the HPA

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Want to Join S.P.E.W.?


We need you on our team.

Today is the first day to sign up for S.P.E.W. – the Society for the Promotion of Equality Winning.

We want you to be a part of our elite squadron of witches and wizards during this campaign. This is your chance to make a huge difference in the fight for equality.

Sound interesting?

Sign up here.

Not sold? The S.P.E.W. members who help our campaign the most can win up to $150 to spend in the HPA’s online store. That will get you a LOT of chocolate frogs.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be unveiled once you sign up.

Join S.P.E.W. today!

The Weapon We Have Is Love,
Hermione & Dobby

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This is Why They Banned Harry Potter



For over thirty years, Banned Books Week has brought communities together to celebrate the thousands of books that have been challenged or banned in across the country.

From John Green’s Looking for Alaska to Maureen Johnson’s On the Count of Three to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, lots of our favorite books have made the list. Even the Harry Potter books have had their fair share of backlash.

Unlike the restricted section at Hogwarts, books don’t usually get banned because they teach kids how to take on other people’s appearances or split their souls in pursuit of immortality. Instead, we see books being banned because they present stories that need to be told but rarely are. They explore themes that make us better equipped to navigate our lives. Read more ⇓

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It’s Levi-VOTE-sa: Today is National Voter Registration Day!

Not registered to vote? Visit nationalvoterregistrationday.org TODAY!

Not registered to vote? Visit nationalvoterregistrationday.org TODAY!

Opening the door on democracy should be as easy as waving a wand, but even Alohomora can’t open every door. In most states in the U.S. the first step in the democratic process is registering to vote. On September 23rd, National Voter Registration Day, it is easier than ever.

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Equality FTW: Best. Day. Ever. For Harry Potter Fans


Equality FTW Started Yesterday!

At the Harry Potter Alliance, we turn fans into heroes. We believe that we can change the world using the resources available to us and the enthusiasm we have for stories, friendships, and social good. We see this in action every day…

What we do is only possible because of the people we do it with.

As of yesterday, we’ve launched Equality FTW, our annual fundraiser.

Please check it out at EqualityFTW.org. Read more ⇓

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Hogwarts is in the UK – But Will that Still be True on Thursday?

Logos of the two campaigns for and against an independent Scotland.   Image via http://studyinuk.universiablogs.net

Logos of the two campaigns for and against an independent Scotland.
Image via http://studyinuk.universiablogs.net

If you think elections only matter when you’re voting for a leader, this week offers a pretty good example of why it’s important to get to the polls even when big name politicians aren’t running.  This Thursday, voters in Scotland will be making one of the most important decisions in their history: to stay a member of the United Kingdom, or to become their own independent nation.

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Think Global, Act Local: Why Midterm Elections Matter

This is the first piece in our Sonorous: Make Your Voice Heard series on elections and GOTV.  Are you under 18, not a U.S. Citizen, or both?  Don’t worry!  We’ll have blog posts for you, too!

Image by  nirots via http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Image by nirots via http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Think Global, Act Local”.  Hermione Granger, founder of our Granger Leadership Academy, has been living this mantra for years: concerned about the rights of house elves everywhere, she started her work by trying to improve the lives of those working at Hogwarts (admittedly, she had a pretty steep learning curve…).

You probably think global and act local, too.  Do you ever ride your bike or carpool to cut down on climate change?  Do you work to reduce illiteracy rates by donating to Accio Books?  Maybe you’ve even joined or started an HPA chapter!  Everyone has done some small, localized action because they recognize that those small actions can impact global issues.

So… why is no one showing up for local and midterm elections?

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