Accio Books!: Bringing Magic to Detroit

This year we are bringing the magic of Accio Books to Detroit!

We are partnering with the Brightmoor Community Center and the Whomping Wolverines of the University of Michigan because low literacy is a major issue in Detroit. A little wand waving and a quick Google search leads curious witches and wizards to a mind-boggling statistic: 47% of Detroit residents qualify as “functionally illiterate” and struggle with reading, writing, speaking, and computational skills.


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Arizona’s Discriminatory Bills S.B.1062 & H.B. 2153

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On the evening of February 20th, a bill passed both Arizona Senate and House to allow business owners to discriminate against the LGBTQ community and refuse them service if it goes against their religion. These bills (Senate Bill 1062 and House Bill 2153) are being touted as the end to discrimination against business owners who say their religious freedoms are being violated by providing services for members of the LGBTQ community as well as others (more on that below).

Click here to send an email to Gov. Brewer letting her know that she should veto these discriminatory bills. 

The bill expands on the definition of “person” to include: “any individual, association, partnership, corporation, church, estate, trust, foundation or other legal entity.” It says that the government cannot overreach on a “person’s” religious rights, and that it is a defensible excuse in the court of law.

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John Green Has a Question For You


John Green asks if we should raise the minimum wage. The answer is YES.

We need a country where the odds are in everyone’s favor. The federal minimum wage has lost more than 30% of its value and would be more than $10.59 per hour today if it had kept pace with the cost of living over the past forty years. No one in the United States should work full-time and live in poverty.

We’re sending our legislators a letter asking them to do the right thing and support the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013. If you believe that everyone should be able to earn a living wage by working hard and doing the right thing, join us in sending one too!

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Net Neutrality is Dead. :( How You Can Help!

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If we lose control of media access, we lose control of our voice. That’s why Voldemort seized control of the Daily Prophet and it’s why the Capitol keeps a tight lock on the information being broadcast to the 12 Districts. In our world, we need to preserve an open internet that protects the users instead of the major corporations that control our access.

But last week an appeals court struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order because of the questionable legal framework the agency used when it adopted its Net Neutrality rules in 2010.
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This Year Was Amazing


I want to talk about how awesome 2013 has been for the HPA.

2013 has been filled with awesome:

- With our 5th Accio Books! campaign our members have now donated over 120,000 books to communities in need.
- We launched the Apparating Library to enable our members to swap books at events like LeakyCon, the Quidditch World Cup, and the Yule Ball.
- We now have 200 HPA chapters improving their local communities in the name of Harry Potter.
- We have broadly expanded our campaign on corporate transparency regarding child slavery and collected over 200,000 signatures to send to Warner Bros. concerning their questionably-sourced chocolate frogs.
- The PBS documentary “Is School Enough?” hailed the HPA as a cutting edge model for engaging young people in learning outside the classroom.

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Yule Balls and the Apparating Library this weekend!


Witches and Wizards and House Elves Too!
Dust off those dress robes and get ready to GET DOWN. Harry and the Potters are hosting their annual Yule Balls this weekend in Brooklyn and Boston.

As always, the HPA will be there. These events represent the debut of our Apparating Library on American soil! Bring a book to the Yule Ball and donate it to our magical library of wizard books. You’ll get to pick another book in exchange, and you’ll become part of the first and only international wizarding library in existence. Lordy two-shoes, what a fantastic opportunity! Read more ⇓

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P4A: Your votes will make a BIG difference!


It is Project for Awesome and this is a huge deal for us at the HPA. We received a $40,000 donation last year from the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck and it has allowed our organization to do amazing things over the past year. Since the grant, our chapters program has nearly doubled in size and our Odds in Our Favor campaign is changing the public dialogue around the Hunger Games franchise.

But we need your help to continue our work. Can you take 2 minutes and vote for each of the 21 videos supporting the HPA? Read more ⇓

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Project for Project for Awesome

HPA Project 4 Awesome

We want to include your awesome project in Project for Project for Awesome’s awesome projects!

At the Harry Potter Alliance, we are super proud of the fact that over 90% of our funding comes from our members and from fandom institutions like LeakyCon and the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. We love being an organization that exists to bring fans together and to make fandom a little more magical.

In just one week, we’ll be participating in the annual Project for Awesome. During this event, thousands of people will post videos advocating for their favorite charities.

We hope that you’ll consider making a video in support of the Harry Potter Alliance for this year’s Project for Awesome. To help you out, we thought we’d create a fun little contest for you. Videos that reach certain levels of awesome are eligible to win free Fair Trade Chocolate Frogs and we have an awesome grand prize reserved for the top vote-getter.

Making a video is easy!

Project for Awesome starts at noon on December 17th, so get started on that video. We want to see you slam dunking for P4A!

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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The Resistance Has a Home Base!



It’s been fun plastering the Capitol with our three finger salutes and messages of solidarity, but we wanted to make sure you’re in the loop about our super awesome home base:

This collaborative tumblr project has been putting out information about real-life economic inequality three times a day for several weeks now. We need our entire action network following, reblogging, and participating so we can get the word out! Add the WATD blog to your dashboard, like and reblog to your heart’s content. You can also take it one step further and submit your own project or blog post!

Give us a hand and help make sure our message is heard loud and clear in the Capitol and across the world!

Until the odds are in everyone’s favor,




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Changing The Odds For Walmart Workers


For the past few weeks we’ve been asking our Odds in our Favor action network (that’s you!) to help storm the Capitol by posting your 3-finger salute photos as a sign of resistance on the Capitol’s Facebook page and their other social media profiles.

Now we’d like to ask you to extend that action a bit further. Our friends at Change Walmart are hosting online protests today to raise awareness about Walmart’s poor treatment of their employees. They’ve asked us assist by showing our solidarity with Walmart workers by posting on these 3 pages.

YOUR MISSION is to post “I stand with Walmart strikers! We want the Odds in Everyone’s Favor” in the comments of a post on Walmart’s Facebook page here.

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