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Emma joined staff in January 2010. She is a rebel with a cause. (The cause being the HPA.) When she isn’t busy being a maverick she spends her time telling others about how much of a maverick she is. Occasionally, she takes a break from her wild ways and hangs around the HPA Ning or makes YouTube videos. She also enjoys listening to Jimmy Buffett, riding tandem bikes, and watching Shark Week.

Weekly Wrap Up Blog (July 16th-23rd)

Hello, hello! Have you been feeling down lately? Have you felt as if something is missing from your life? Well, don’t worry. That’s all about to change because the Weekly Wrap Up Blog is back! Feel free to take a few moments to rejoice. … Alright, let’s quit this dilly dallying and get down to […]

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Ning Weekly Wrap-Up Blog (June 18th-June 25th)

Why, hello there! How’ve you been? How’s your mother? Is that a new haircut? Now that we’ve got those tedious formalities out of the way, on to the regularly scheduled Weekly Wrap-Up Blog, written by moi, Emma.

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