Wizard Rock the Vote

wrock the vote
What a summer it has been! Thank you so much for helping us register voters across the United States. Civic participation is our first responsibility as citizens, and the best way we have of deciding the direction of our country. It is the essence of our civic voices.

But we’re not done yet! Coming up we’ve got some really exciting stuff pre-election. We’ll be focusing on the issues of Immigration, Education and Marriage equality. We’ll be raising our voices together. Stay tuned!

If you’re not old enough to vote, don’t worry. These issues are going to affect you too and we want to make sure your voices are included in our campaigns. If you are old enough to vote, and you aren’t registered yet, do so here.

In the meantime, check out our EqualityFTW campaign, and get ready for election season with the resources below!

As Dumbledore reminds us, it is our choices that show who we truly are as individuals and as a society. For all of us in the US who will be “of age” this November it is time to WROCK the vote and choose our President.