HPA Chocolate Frogs

Fair Trade Chocolate FrogsWe thought, “Why doesn’t Warner Bros. want to make their Chocolate Frogs Fair Trade?” The only answer we could come up with was “Money.”

Maybe it’s too expensive? Maybe there isn’t any profit in it? So we set out to find out. In November 2011 the HPA went into the frog production business. We had to source Certified Fair Trade chocolate. Create reasonable and sustainable packaging. We had to create labels, Wizard Cards, and find someone willing to take a whole lot of chocolate and turn it into 3000 chocolate frogs. Well, you know what? We did it. If we could do it, don’t you think Warner Bros. can?

A lot of care went into the creation of these chocolate frogs.

La Siembra

We ordered our chocolate from La Siembra, a Canadian co-operative that sources ingredients for all their products from co-operatives of family farmers in 10 countries: Dominican Republic, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Guatemala, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Costa Rica and Brazil. You can read more about La Siembra at lasiembra.com

Lucky Chocolates

The manufacture and casting of our chocolate frogs was done by hand by the great folks at Lucky Chocolates in Saugerties, NY. Lucky uses fair trade, organic ingredients to keep their confections creative, ethical and delicious. You can read more about Lucky Chocolates at luckychocolates.com.

Alec Longstreth

Our chocolate frog Wizard Cards were illustrated by Alec Longstreth, a long-time friend of and collaborator with the HPA. See more of his amazing work at aleclongstreth.com.

Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the world to be. We think this product is a big improvement on the status quo in the chocolate business, so thanks for your vote.