Magical Acts of Kindness

magical acts of kindness
While HPA members may not be able to pull objects out of thin air like Harry and his wizard friends, we do have the ability to create something that is in many ways, more spectacular: kindness.

Our Magical Acts of Kindness (#MAK) campaign encourages members to look for ways they can introduce magic into the lives of others through simple, random, anonymous acts of kidness. Opportunities for #MAK projects are limitless and range in scope and size. Members use twitter and the blogs and forums on our ning to develop and spread MAK ideas. Projects from the past include:

Baking cookies and leaving them out for friends, neighbors, or co-workers
Giving monetary or supply donations to various charities
Leaving encouraging messages on bathroom mirrors, bulletin boards, etc.
Collecting toys for a children’s hospital

MAK campaigns occur on a sporadic basis, whenever a little more magic is needed in the world. The first #MAK ran the entire month of MONTH in 2008, one week in October 2009, and most recently in September 2010 to celebrate the birthday of HPA Executive Director Andrew Slack, this time we all shared our special #MAK4SLACK deeds.

This campaign also gives us the opportunity to partner with, a website that features inspirational, real-life stories to encourage and empower readers. GivesMeHope featured #MAK stories from HPA members during our October 2009 campaign.