The Bullying Horcrux

the bullying horcrux

In February of 2011, the HPA fought the Bullying Horcrux: teaming with the Gay-Straight Alliance to promote understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ youth, and with Marriage Equality Rhode Island to fight for equal marriage rights.

We created a “Fans for Equality” page on Facebook which brought together over 2,778 people from different fandoms to discuss and support these issues, we got over 1,100 signatures for the Make It Better Oath, and explored different aspects of the LGBTQ community through blogs and Make It Better Response Videos. During Wrock 4 Equality 2, we made over 6,200 phone calls to Rhode Island residents and generated 246 digital postcards in support of marriage equality. Thank you to everybody who made calls and helped to make this a huge success, and congratulations to the house cup winner: Ravenclaw!