Equality FTW : Vote 2012


The 2012 election season brought on a whole lot of social change, and (as usual) the HPA was at the center of the action! In keeping with the goals and message of our EqualityFTW fundraiser, we teamed up with our members to phone bank in support of marriage equality in Maine and the DREAM Act in Maryland.

Spoiler Alert: WE WON ON BOTH COUNTS! And while we can’t take FULL credit for all the equality victories achieved in 2012, we certainly feel proud of our contributions to the process.

Our effort received a huge boost from our DFTVA House Cup. This friendly competition put wizards and nerds to the task of phone banking in support of Maine marriage equality and earning points for their chosen house with every call made. We also encouraged people to share Hogwarts house-themed banners on Facebook, in order to spread this simple message: Don’t Forget To Vote, America! Ravenclaw ran away with the title, amassing 5,939 points and lording their superiority over everyone else in the name of equality!

Victories in Maine and Maryland (and Rhode Island and elsewhere) are fantastic, but there’s still a long way to go on marriage, immigration, and education equality! Please help fuel our future efforts with a generous donation, and stay tuned for calls to action by signing up for our newsletter!