Win a Full, Signed Set of Harry Potter Books!

win a set of harry potter books signed by jk rowling

Harry Potter books signed by J.K. Rowlingkamp kiwanisWhen The HP Alliance gathered together its efforts for its “Helping Haiti Heal” campaign, the big ticket prize item was a full, signed set of Harry Potter books personally donated by J.K. Rowling. The books raised more than $39,000 as part of the overall HHH fundraiser. The winners were the Association of Electrical Contractors of New York City, who had already planned to donate $1,000 to Haitian relief but found that doing so through the HPA’s drive might reap a reward they could use to do even more good.

Well, it did! After an emotional prize draw the Association decided to re-list the books. This time funds raised would go to benefit the AEC’s Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships to students seeking a career in electrical engineering, as well as Kamp Kiwanis, an organization in upstate New York devoted to giving handicapped and underprivileged children an outdoors experience where they can learn about leadership and fair play.

Once again, the Harry Potter lovers of the world rose to the occasion magnificently, raising $16,329.06, and finally getting the books to a good home. The HPA would like to give a big thank you to everybody who participated!