Deathly Hallows Campaign

deathly hallows campaign

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tells the story of Harry’s journey to identify, track down, and destroy Voldemort’s remaining horcruxes and subsequently face the Dark Lord in the ultimate wizard death match. Inspired by the excellent work of Harry and his closest friends, the HPA joined with fans and activists across the globe on an epic journey to destroy seven real world horcruxes.

This effort spanned the nine months between the release of each Deathly Hallows movie, and included the following initiatives:

  • Starvation Wages Horcrux (began October 2010): On November 1, 2010, we sent a letter to Time Warner asking that all Harry Potter chocolate products be made from Fair Trade-certified chocolate, to ensure it was not made under inhumane conditions. Titled Not in Harry’s Name, our efforts in this campaign are ongoing until we reach a compromise with Time Warner.
  • Dementor Horcrux (December 2010): Working with the help of, we strove to fight the effects of depression. We asked HPA members to share their patronuses with the world through art. We received over 120 patronuses throughout the month, and we’ve received more since the campaign officially ended.
  • Body Bind Horcrux (January 2011): In this horcrux, we challenged the Muggle-Minded Media’s narrow image of beauty and fought back through ideas and actions presented in blogs on our site and vlogs on our YouTube Channel. Each week had a different theme, so throughout the month we stressed seeing the beauty in ourselves and others, striving toward health and nutrition, exercising more, and de-stressing.
  • Bullying Horcrux(February 2011): Haters gonna hate, but they don’t own the world. We put bullies in their place by teaming up with  Marriage Equality Rhode Island and the Gay-Straight Alliance, and together we created our Fans for Equality Facebook page. We collected over 1,100 signatures on our Make It Better Oath. We also held Wrock 4 Equality 2, which inspired members and fans to make over 6,200 phone calls to Rhode Islanders and process 246 digital postcards urging Rhode Island legislators to pass a marriage equality bill. Take that, bullies!
  • Illiteracy Horcrux (March/April 2011, Accio Books! 2011): We worked with the Bedford-Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School in Brooklyn, New York to build them a new library. We also teamed with Borders for a Borders Day, during which 486 book purchases from members helped raise money to buy the Bed-Stuy library shelves. In the end, members donated over 9,000 books to Bed-Stuy, and over 32,000 books total.
  • Child Slavery Horcrux (May 2011): Bringing back Not in Harry’s Name, this month stressed the illegal child slavery associated with much of the big brand chocolate farming. We held weekly Livestreams, one of which was spent watching the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate. Members also put pressure on Time Warner to make Harry Potter chocolate Fair Trade by sending Fair Trade chocolate wrappers in the mail.
  • Climate Crisis Horcrux (July 2011): Ideas, issues, and general climate crisis topics were discussed on the HPA blog several times a week, as well as in regular Livestreams. Our big push was in the Imagine Better Contest, in which we partnered with Splashlife to award two $1000 prizes. One prize went to an art project demonstrating the climate crisis and the second went to the best idea for a project on how to fight the climate crisis. The winners were voted on by members, and the top five in each category were reviewed by an advisory panel of environmental figures and celebrities.