How to Participate

Accio Books! runs from April 1 – June 1, 2014

1) Join up with your local HPA Chapter and help contribute to their book drive! If there’s not a chapter in your area, maybe it’s time to start one!

2) Everyone can participate in Accio Books! – you don’t need to be a part of a chapter. If you have a small number of books, you can donate them directly to the Apparating Library (address below). If you have too many books to mail because you’re amazing and you organized your own book drive, we have some some guidelines that might help you identify a suitable recipient in your own community.

Book donations can be mailed directly to:
The Apparating Library
℅ Brightmoor Community Center
14451 Burt Rd.
Detroit, MI 48223

The Brightmoor Community Center serves a very diverse age population is is happy to accept new or gently used books of all types.

3) Spread the word! Tell your friends about our book drive and get them involved!

4) After you’ve donated, be sure and let us know by registering your totals in our House Cup.

More questions? Email!