Accio Books!



Way to go Wizards, 24,732 books have been donated so far!

Since 2009, HPA chapters and members have raised over 200,000 books for communities across the world. We’ve built new libraries in Rwanda and Brooklyn, and our chapters have raised books for schools, community centers, and women’s shelters in their local communities. This year we plan to exceed last year’s incredible total of 53,009 books raised — we’re aiming for 60,000 books raised by our chapters and members!

book-wandLast year we held our first Apparating Library book giveaway event in Detroit. In partnership with the Brightmoor Community Center, we were able to distribute thousands of books to children and families in need. This year we’re expanding on that magic with three Apparating Library book giveaways! Our recipients will be Operation Breakthrough, a Kansas City-based education and health center serving young people and their parents, and Borderline Books, an organization that provides books to immigrant and refugee populations and other economically challenged communities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

We are also expanding beyond the book drive to engage in advocacy for public libraries by participating in the American Library Association’s National Library Legislative Day (May 4-5) and Celebrate Teen Literature Day (April 16). We hope our involvement will serve to bolster the ALA’s efforts to promote literacy, funding for public libraries, net neutrality, fair copyright laws, and other issues related to education and media reform.

Finally, our Chapters and Communications departments will collaborate to explore how story shapes the HPA’s membership. By collecting and curating stories with personal value to our members from around the globe, we’ll emphasize that storytelling is life-changing and those transformative experiences are more than valid. Between all our chapters across six continents and the internet’s infinite reaches, we’ll cover a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

participants in the 2014 Apparating Library in Detroit

participants in the 2014 Apparating Library in Detroit