Accio Books!

Accio Books! is the Harry Potter Alliance’s annual book drive. Since 2009, Harry Potter fans around the world have donated more than 100,000 books to underprivileged or underserved readers.

This year we are building an Apparating Library in Detroit!

We are working with the Brightmoor Community Center and the Whomping Wolverines, the University of Michigan’s HPA chapter to bring some magic to the Brightmoor community. All books collected during our Accio Books! campaign will be distributed for free during a one-day appearance of the Harry Potter Alliance’s Apparating Library on September 13th.


To count towards the House Cup, books must be donated before June 1, 2014.

Once you’ve donated books, be sure to let us know by logging your books here, and then check the standings in the HOUSE CUP! We want to know which house is the most serious about spreading literacy.

More questions? Email!