Odds In Our Favor: Give us a Signal Boost!

Hello fan activists!

Last week, we gave you a basic explanation of our Catching Fire campaign and a few ways to get involved. Today, we wanted to give you a better idea of how this campaign is working in action.

You’ve probably seen all the advertisements for Catching Fire and its associated products like Capitol Couture, Subway’s new “fiery” sandwich line, and so forth. These advertisements are generally very well done from a marketing and PR perspective, but they also provide a rather disturbing take on the Hunger Games series in that they tend to celebrate the Capitol — which is unsettling, given that the Capitol of Panem effectively enslaves a vast population of workers and subjects their children to an annual fight to the death.

For the past several days, HPA members like you have been flooding Capitol-inspired ads on facebook and tumblr with three-finger salutes, statements of solidarity, and hashtags like #OddsInOurFavor and #WeAreTheDistricts, along with links to information about real-life economic inequality. We’re making sure the Capitol hears us, and we’re encouraging fans to join us in reframing the Hunger Games series in its proper context. It is a story about the pitfalls of inequality, extreme poverty, violence, and greed, and therefore it’s a perfect opportunity for IRL action around economic inequality to catch fire.

It’s great to see people going rogue and plastering Capitol ads with their messages of solidarity, but many have taken their commitment one step further by joining our action network. It’s quite simple: You sign up by submitting a three-finger salute selfie, and then you’ll be added to a special mailing list that will notify you of our coordinated actions. Speaking of which, this is what it looks like when our action network is mobilized:

odds in our favor
How cool is that?!

In addition to our online protest, we’re also encouraging IRL action via a collaborative tumblog called We Are The Districts. Coordinated by our Chapters Department, We Are The Districts approaches economic inequality within the framework of 12 districts and encourages people to get involved by organizing an action around one of 12 distinct issues of economic inequality. The blog is open to contributions from anyone, so please follow it, reblog your favorite posts, and consider contributing to the project!

Until the Odds Are In Everyone’s Favor,

PS – We just launched a new Hunger Games themed poster in our DFTBA merch store! Check it out!

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