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Me, Melissa Nuti and Zach Grafton in the vendor room!

Me, Melissa Nuti and Zach Grafton in the vendor room!

Every year when I return home from a Harry Potter convention, I think back to the defining moments of the weekend and what makes going every year so magical and wonderful. At past conventions, it was rehearsing and performing musicals and plays with some of my best wizard friends, or meeting Tamora Pierce at my very first convention (Terminus)…but what I love most about Harry Potter conventions is the sense of community and family that is instilled in this one short summer weekend every year.

When you go to a Harry Potter convention, you are automatically accepted into this huge group of people who share a lot of the same interests with you, with whom you can nerd out and discuss personal theories or favorite moments from novels, TV series, webseries, and more. You can be a different person at cons, have more freedom than you do in “real life” because this group of people is ever evolving, ever changing, and it’s so easy to lose yourself in that.

HPA Staffers getting our vendor booth ready!

The truly defining moments for me at LeakyCon Portland were a combination of the tangible and the abstract. It was the combination of making new friends, of hanging out and being silly and letting loose with this group of people that loves and cares for one another because we are Fandom, and that is what we do. Opening Ceremonies was a blast, and showed just how much LeakyCon has evolved from a Harry Potter convention to a Fandom convention.

Congoers loved the HPA’s “Who’s Getting Married at LeakyCon?” and made signs supporting their favorite couples (YAY Remus and Sirius!). They rocked out with their friends at the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball. Participating in Maxwell Glick’s LeakyCon Flashback Friday video was pretty epic. The Lizzie Bennet cast played Quidditch and wanted to hang out with the fans, to meet them and take pictures with them because they wanted to be there for the fans. Everyone was included and that connection to our community, that sense of Us, was embodied in each and every one of us.

There can never be another way to experience that passion and love, to be completely encompassed by it. That is what is truly magical about LeakyCon and all the other fandom cons – they bring together a group of people that cares so deeply and wonderfully for one another and that feeling radiates out to encompass everyone who attends.

 What is your favorite part of going to conventions? Did you have a specific moment at LeakyCon, Comic Con, Otakon, or any others that you would like to share? Leave your stories in the comments!

Disney Sing-a-long Panel, photo courtesy of the LeakyCon facebook page


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  1. Mary Lee

    July 6, 2013 at 11:03 am

    This makes me wish I could have gone to LeakyCon!! Hopefully next year… I have been to Otakon, and loved seeing so many people in costume.

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