Celebrate Big and Green for Earth Day 2013

Happy Earth Day! While we at the HPA are in full fledged Accio Books mode, it is important to celebrate our earth today, especially after a fantastic NIHN 2.0 campaign. Without our awesome, ever-changing earth, we would have no cocoa, no coffee, and no way to defend ourselves against the dementors of both the wizarding and muggle worlds. And that would mean a lot of sadness. Plus, who doesn’t like smelling the clear air after a big thunderstorm, rolling down cushy grass-filled hills, or feeling the bark of oak trees as you scramble up to lowest branch? (Oops… did I just give away the smells of my Amortencia?) But, you know what I mean. The earth is rad. It gives us good things. And we should celebrate it. From Earth Day Oregon

Earthday.org is the website I used to get my knowledge on about today’s events all around the world. Let me tell you, people are mighty creative. It is not just about kids crafts and planting trees anymore — in Seoul, South Korea, Ecomom Korea is organizing an “Eco-style” Earth Day Flash Mob to a variation of Gangnam Style, the Danish Cultural Institute is organizing its annual CO 2 Green Drive Project where runners, walkers, bikers, and canvasses to spell “CO 2“ with GPS devices, and  Veracruz, Mexico’s Tortugas Fundacion Yepez is mobilizing volunteers to protect the habitat of sea turtles by cleaning up the local beaches and organizing a reforestation campaign (who doesn’t love sea turtles after Nemo?). How cool! Is there anything going on in your school or town with which you are getting involved?  


panemSometimes it is a little hard to put our feet on the ground after we have been traveling to the future to see the planet at its’ end, discovering a much different post-apocolyptic America, or getting wrapped up in the space-age community. Books can do that to us – make us dizzy with the future possibilities and alternate endings of our own, very real earth. Middle Earth, the wizarding world, and countless others seem real, better, and hard to leave. But, I will bet you that sitting in your favorite spot, watching a breathtaking sunset, and listening/smelling/taking in all the good things about the earth are things that no muggle or wizard would want to give up completely. That is why we must celebrate!

Isn't this so cool? It's from putitinajar.com

Isn’t this so cool? It’s from putitinajar.com

I am planning on reading a book outside, taking a nice walk, and watering all of my plants at home (call me a Mrs.Figg-kind-of-cat-lady, but I love it). I have read a bunch of articles that talk about types of plants that breathe good air into a very stuffy apartment such as mine – maybe it is time to buy some more rosemary, mint, and lavender! I have also been toying with the idea of starting a very small herb garden. These might not be the ground breaking, environment-saving things that follow this Earth Day’s theme of “the Face of Climate Change”, but they are good enough for me.

So, I hope everyone can enjoy some time outside or practice some green things today just to celebrate how wonderful our earth really is. And then donate some books because it’s Accio Books, baby!

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