Frilly & Fantabulous Fair-Trade Recipes

As NIHN 2.0 is brewing, we at the blog team have decided to think out of the box and really make the concept of “fair trade” a more user friendly, “hey! We can do that” kind of action. There are tons of recipes out there using fair trade products – with Pinterest, Tumblr, tweets, and WordPress, #homemade cooking and crafting have been sky rocketing to the top of the trends lists. Why not cook up some Harry Potter themed cupcakes? Or Valentine’s Day themed kisses? OR BOTH!? Here are a few fair trade recipes to wet your whistles and tweak your wizards’ hats in real life!

pancake11.) Fair Trade Pancakes
Alright, it’s Sunday morning. If you are like me, you roll out of bed, look in the cupboard, and slowly blink at the completely unappetizing oatmeal and cereal on your shelves. It is NOT a school day OR a work day – you don’t want to eat that plain old slop again! It’s time to liven things up, get the turkey bacon on the stove, and cook some pancakes.

This recipe by Infinity Foods Coop uses Doves Ethical Plain White Flour and fair trade rum – and free range eggs, while we’re at it. After a little sifting, whisking, and pouring, you have yourself a delectable flat globe that even Columbus would eat around.

truffles2.) Tea-tinged Truffles
It’s that annoyingly romantic, red red holiday that comes along every February 14th. You have a person you’ve been admiring along the way for quite some time now – someone who reads on the bus, lounges in the park, and camps out at your favorite place for libations- and you want to show them how you feel. TEA-TINGED TRUFFLES. You got it.

This sphere of chocolaty goodness comes to us from the blog “One Hot Stove” – a fantastic blog that “celebrates home cooking”… woo!!! These little babies have some fair trade bittersweet and milk chocolate in them – and some heavy cream, black tea, tea masala extract, and pistachios. Oh baby, those are the ingredients for the serious aromatic lover right there. While you have to prepare these a little bit ahead of time, your special someone will definitely taste the love and good karma in these treats! This is definitely something Madam Puddifoot might have served at her tea shop…

3.) Lavender Brown’s Frosted Cream Cakes
Get your dye out, sifter ready, and lemons a’swirlin’… Lavender Brown is making her way into your kitchen. It’s everything Won Won didn’t want to happen – bursts of colors, sweet and sour flavors, but a wonderful sensation that keeps you coming back for more. These cupcakes are sweet and saucy – definitely a great addition to your Saturday baking routines.

Side note: this recipe is fully vegan – soy milk, canola oil, and yogurt are used instead of the traditional ingredients. Similarly, fair trade lavender earl grey tea, fair trade sugar, and fair trade vanilla extract are used, just to show you how truly healthy and beautiful this recipe is. Even the frosting is EXTRA fantastic because it uses fair-trade powdered sugar – no guilty thoughts over here! Despite Lavender’s sometimes odd effects, these cupcakes are a great example of how to use fair-trade products in every day cooking.

What fair trade recipes have you used? Is there a special fair trade product that has struck your fancy? Let me know where you found it and how you use it!

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