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In the spirit of getting to know your bloggers better, we will be answering a string of sometimes serious, sometimes silly questions in the coming weeks. Please feel free to ask us something in the comments. We want to tell you what you’d like to know!

This week’s question: Got any New Years resolutions?

Emily: Couponing. 80% of the time I eat or drink out, I must use a coupon (Groupon, LivingSocial, Scoutmob) or go for a special (happy hour, brunch). Living in a city is so much fun but such a drain on my wallet! I also want to run a half marathon and go on a yoga retreat. And travel. And connect with friends more. I made a whole long list of goals (more positive sounding in my mind than resolutions), but these are my favorite!

Joana: This is literally the first year I didn’t have an official New Year’s resolution. However, as always, I always want to eat healthy, exercise more and be good to people. A healthier body and a healthier mindset is sort of my moto for the upcoming year… and every year after. Additionally, I just want to smile more in 2013. There are some psychological studies that claim that if you smile more, you feel happier. So who’s with me, on the road to a 2013 full of smiles and cheer?

Elizabeth: I am a New Year’s Resolution freak! I make super long lists of them every year (though I’ll admit that I usually only end up accomplishing about half of them). This year I wrote down 19.5 resolutions on some stationary with a pretty new fountain pen that I got for Christmas and now it’s hanging above my computer to remind me of my goals all year. I’ve noticed that almost everybody I know (including me) shoots for health-related resolutions such as eating healthier and exercising, so instead in 2013 I decided to focus on nurturing my creative, fulfilling hobbies rather than concentrating on my physical health or beauty (and I challenge you all to do the same!). My favorites are a) Write every day, even if just one word; b) Do one thing that scares me each day; c) Make the world a better place through my actions and words; and d) Save money towards studying abroad. I may not meet all my goals, but if I give my best effort, I think I’ll be happy.

Erin: Other than my normal lose weight and get in better shape, I’ve made a resolution to journal more. I used to be much better at it, but then I got away from it several years ago. If nothing else, it’s a good writing exercise and forces me to write a little bit of something each day (which is kind of another resolution). I’ve also made a resolution to be more diligent about querying my novel. If I could get myself to send out a few queries a week, that would be great.

Quinn: There are things that I would like to do this year however, in the few times that I’ve made resolutions… I tend to break them horribly throughout the year. In fact, they make me more depressed than anything. Yeah, that’s probably against the entire purpose of goals, but I’ve found that there are better ways to get myself to do things than make a resolution that I will almost certainly not keep. Oops.

Anna: My NY resolutions are to journal every day (easy, given that my awesome penpal gave me a “one-sentence journal”, with only 4 lines to write on per day!) and to focus on classes this semester so that I can graduate cum laude from college in May! I’m also going to work on my art portfolio as much as possible!

Kara: Hmmmm…this year my resolution is to keep up the momentum from last year. I have a lot of big projects and possibilities coming up, and I want to be prepared to make the best of all of them. Mostly, this will involve being eager and aware and jumping into everything that comes my way with both feet. My motto this year is going to be “Don’t be afraid, be excited.”

So, what about you? Tell us about your New Years resolutions in the comments below, and while you’re at it, leave us a question to answer next week!

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  1. Mary

    January 19, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    I want to read more. I love reading and I feel much more calm and happy when I’ve been doing a lot of reading but over the past couple years I’ve let my books gather dust while I seek the more immediate sanctification of facebook and tumblr and IM and all of this stuff on the internet that doesn’t actually make me feel any better about myself after I do it.

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