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In the spirit of getting to know your bloggers better, we will be answering a string of sometimes serious, sometimes silly questions in the coming weeks. Please feel free to ask us something in the comments. We want to tell you what you’d like to know!

Question of the week: What Hogwarts house are you in, and why?

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Quinn: I am a proud Hufflepuff. I’m completely loyal to my friends, I’m hard working for the things that are important to me and the most important thing in my life is the people around me. However, if you want to get technical, I do have some fairly strong Slytherin traits in my life as well. First, I will do what I have to by any means necessary. However, there are key Slytherin traits such as ambition that I just don’t have, so that’s why I consider myself more of a Hufflepuff.

Erin: For years I’ve gone back and forth between two houses–Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.  When I first became a Harry Potter fan, I identified pretty fervently as a Gryffindor, mostly because I’m so much like Hermione (and was even more like her back in 8th grade than I am today).  When I was in high school, I decided I was a Ravenclaw.  Then in college, I was back to Gryffindor.  And then I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore, and that’s the house I proudly call home now.  And the more I think about it, the more it fits.  I am a Ravenclaw–I love learning new things, I love logic puzzles, and I’m a huge bookworm.  I’m also a little eccentric and pretty creative.  I do still have some strong Gryffindor tendencies, but I’m most definitely a proud Ravenclaw!

Joana: I’m yet another one of “those of wit and learning” and proud to say I’m a Ravenclaw. I have a natural curiosity for knowledge and new information and I constantly need to keep my mind occupied with things. If you ask those around me, you’ll hear that I’m smart and maybe just a little bit nerdy. I’m highly organized, motivated, and I do quite well in school. However, yes, I do possess some of the more negative Ravenclaw traits as well. I am highly competitive and my ambition tends to push me forward a lot of the time. No matter how much people have tried to teach me to be a team player, I have never managed to cultivate that skill, as I have learned that sometimes you just have to do things on your own. But back to the positives: I love learning, I take pride in being witty, I consider myself intelligent, and that is what defines me, so come join me in the Ravenclaw tower where the cool kids hang out. :)

Elizabeth: At this point, I feel like I’ve mentioned my house a quadrillion times, but yes- I’m a Ravenclaw. If you want to read more about why, you should click here, but in short, I’m a Ravenclaw because of my curiosity, introversion, tolerance, and creativity. I spend more time in books than I do in reality, and I’m always looking for new things to think about or learn.  I don’t even particularly like school, but only because I feel as though it hinders me- there’s so much I want to learn about the world that there’s no possible way I can discover it all from behind a desk.

Emily: Riddles. I live for riddles, puzzles, and witty jokes. When Luna took Harry to find the diadem, I knew then and there that my true home was Ravenclaw. Similarly, learning and knowledge are constantly tickling me with their tentacles – trivia, gadgets, and how the world works are extraordinarily fascinating to me. However, my constant pursuit of knowledge and learning will never be finished; I not only want to catch them, but I want to examine them, brood over them, and find how to think out of the box. Ravenclaw is the perfect place for the idealist and opportunist to fuse – creating magic!

Kara:I’m really about half and half. I’m a Gryffindor at heart and a Ravenclaw by nature. That said, Pottermore put my in Gryffindor, so I’m going with that. As for why, well, that’s harder. I’m definitely the loyal, get-out-and-do-things kind of person that Gryffindor tends to like, but I read more than Hermione (well, maybe not more, but a lot), and school is very, very important to me. However, if I had to pick a house, it would have been Gryffindor (mostly because I’m a major Marauders fan), so I was pretty happy with Pottermore’s decision. So today, I call myself a Gryffindor, but always acknowledge my inner Ravenclaw.

Anna: Wow, there are a LOT of us in Ravenclaw on the blog team! Yes, I am a Ravenclaw. I have always surrounded myself with books and stories, and am fascinated by the worlds created therin. I also love puzzles and riddles.
Tell us, what house are you in? Do you have a question for the bloggers? Put it here and we’ll get it answered!!

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    I’m a Ravenclaw, too! Rah rah Ravenclaw!

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