The Story’s the Thing: Imagine Dragons’ Night Visions

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Fantasy comes in many shapes and sizes, genres and forms. Recently, it has made its way into my ears from the band Imagine Dragons, an indie rock group with inspiring lyrics and grassy sounds. If you are into Mumford and Sons, Fun, songs like Michael Franti’s Say Hey, or Rusted Root’s Send Me On My Way, this album is definitely worth your listen.



One of the best parts of this CD is the cover art – talk about post apocalyptic. Paired with the album’s song Radioactive, you can see a new, slightly more optimistic version of Brave New World. For us fandomatics, the very name “Imagine Dragons” evokes some murkily dark images from our past, childhoods, or subconscious that can be taken lightly or dangerously. For me, it is the dragon in the Hobbit, Sharptooth from the Land Before Time, and Elliot from Pete’s Dragon that runs across my mind – in all these cases, there is suspense and fear when thinking about dragons, but also the fact that you can beat them, fight them, and make them into something else entirely. Thanks Harry and the first challenge of the Triwizard’s Tourny – this album should have been playing in the background.


This band and this CD definitely imagine something. The song On Top of the World, one of the big hits from the album, has been described as liquid sunshine. While we can’t quite get our hands on some Felix Felicis, a few minutes of vibrant happiness just might be the thing to turn around your day. Just watch the video for It’s Time, the biggest hit on the album. If it doesn’t pump you up, equip you with a kickass memory to fight dementors, or put some magic back into your life, I will be Abu’s uncle.

Perhaps it is the a cappella nerd in me or my unquenchable thirst for empowering music, but these songs have been on repeat during my morning playlist. I hope you like them, too! Oh, and if you’re a sucker for acoustic, here’s the sweet stuff.

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