Get Lost in a Book This Summer

A few weeks ago, Kara told you about the summer reading program that the New York Dumbledore’s Army was helping build at the Bedford-Stuyvesant  New Beginnings Charter School by collecting books for the school’s second graders.  Good news: the chapter exceeded their 50 book goal and now the second graders at Bed-Stuy are going to have a great summer of reading to prepare for their upcoming state exams!

But the kids at Bed-Stuy are not the only ones who can benefit from a reading program.  In fact, summer reading programs are all around us.

Summer is stereotypically a time of rest and relaxation, of camping and going to the beach, and of staying out late riding bikes or hanging out with friends.  Summer is also a time in which many kids do not have to go to school, which means that they’re not being exposed to the literacy programs they usually experience during the school year.  (And for those of us no longer in school, it doesn’t hurt to read more anyway.)

If, perhaps, you or a young loved one prefers to have a set reading program, there are many options where to find one this summer.

  • Check your local library.  Many public libraries will host reading programs over the summer for kids, with incentives for reading a certain number of minutes or a certain number of pages.  And some of these libraries might even have a reading program geared toward teens and adults as well.
  • Another good starting place is the actual school.  Check with teachers as to if there are any summer reading lists geared toward the relevant age group.  Likely, high schoolers will not have to look far to find summer reading lists, particularly if you’re going into a literature class next school year.
  • Book stores also sometimes have summer reading programs available.  For example, Half Price Books has a program going this summer called “Feed Your Brain”, in which the amount of time kids spend reading allows them to gain credit to buy books at the store.  Also, many stores set up summer reading displays.

So this summer, don’t shy away from getting yourself lost in a book, and if you have a younger loved one, make sure their brain stays active this summer as well.  Summer reading programs can be found almost anywhere–it’s just a matter of asking around.  So what are you waiting for?  Get reading!

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