North Carolina Heads Up the Battle for Equality

May 8th is just around the corner. Well, technically, it’s tomorrow. And by the time I get this posted, it will probably be today. Now, you are probably thinking to yourself…why is this important?

Good question. I’m glad you asked.

Well, I have no doubt that it’s important for all sorts of reasons which we don’t have time to go into at the moment, but in the ongoing battle for equality, May 8th is the date of the next engagement. On May 8th, North Carolina will vote on an amendment to the state constitution that would ban same-sex marriage completely.

Actually, same-sex marriage is already illegal in North Carolina, but the new bill would define marriage in the state constitution as a union between a man and a woman, and thus would ban any type civil partnership or domestic union. Although this bill originally failed to receive enough votes to be placed on the ballot, the second time it was brought up it passed the House 75-42 and the Senate 30-16.

Can I just take a moment to express my extreme frustration with this whole situation? I mean, I’m an optimist. It may seem silly, but I like to think of the future as being progressive. We should be improving things, not taking bad decisions from the past and making them state laws. But maybe that’s just me.

The good news is that there is a very strong resistance to the bill. Opponents of the bill include everyone from President Obama to various town and city councils, and even churches around the state. Many local people are standing up and speaking out against it, and the press is following suit.

“North Carolina can cast a clarion vote against discrimination and in favor of human dignity and loving relationships by rejecting Amendment 1.”~The Independent Weekly

So while it may seem a little bleak when we consider that such a bill even made it as far as the ballot, I’d like to take a moment to cheer on the people fighting against it, and wish them the best of luck in tomorrow’s voting. Let us hope that citizens of North Carolina will take the initiative and refuse to allow discrimination to become a state policy.

For more information on the North Carolina bill, click here.

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One Comment

  1. May 8, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Thank you for posting this, Kara. <3

    When I was stuck in NTB on Saturday morning, getting my tires rotated and dumping MORE money into my car, CNN was on and was covering this whole thing in NC. I missed about half of the report (I’m guessing), but most of what I saw was a Republican…representative or something in NC. He was being interviewed by the CNN reporter via satellite. And while it was really funny watching him get progressively more irritated by her questions, it got my blood all boiling.

    I could rant about this topic for hours (in fact, I did rant about it when I got home…my poor roommates), but the gist of my feeling on the matter is: who CARES? Who CARES if there’s same-sex marriage? It’s not effecting the straight marriages. I vote we stop trying to force everyone back to Biblical times with all of this nonsense that’s going on—not just the same-sex marriage stuff, but also all the women’s rights issues that have cropped up all of a sudden too. Interracial marriages used to be illegal too. And, hey, look…when things changed…NOTHING HAPPENED! The world didn’t come to an end. It didn’t ruin the “sanctity” of the non-interracial marriages. So why do people feel this undying need to “define” marriage? Why can’t we all just agree that marriage should be between two people in love and wanting to share their lives? Because that’s what marriage SHOULD be.

    One day, same-sex marriage will be entirely legal. I fully believe that. I believe that we’ll win this fight and I fully believe we’ll see it happen in our lifetimes. And, you know what? When that happens, all these people with a stick up their butts about this right now will realize that…oh, hey…nothing at all changed for them. They still have their straight marriages, and the “sanctity” of marriage wasn’t burned at the stake.

    *deep breath*

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