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In case my previous blog posts haven’t made this apparent yet, I love me some literacy.  And I love the organizations and efforts to spread literacy through the world.

Knowing that, it’s really no wonder that I got all fangirly excited about an organization in Denver, CO called Burning Through Pages.

Used with permission from Burning Through Pages

What got my attention was a picture that showed up on my Facebook news feed earlier this week.  “These are your kids,” it said.  “These are your kids on books.” And the four entirely ordinary figures were decked out in all manner of costumes.  I shared the picture on my mom’s wall and her response was, “Are you the one in the witch’s hat and wand?”

She knows me so well.

That simple picture sent me on a hunt for more information about this organization.  I was fascinated.

Burning Through Pages has a single goal:

To inspire a love of reading in today’s youth by recommending, donating, and discussing books.

They’re like a book club on steroids, because they’re a collection of book clubs, and they encourage people to start new ones.  They’re getting teens to not just read books, but to talk about them.

It sounds so unbelievably simple.  But more exploration made me discover that Burning Through Pages is even more epic than that one goal.  Many groups have a similar goal, but it’s how Burning Through Pages aims to achieve that goal that makes it so extraordinary.

Wanting to bring current literatureto the current youth, they do something that I’ve never seen before.

On their site, they have a collection of books (currently, there are thirteen books).  “Here are some reads that we think don’t suck,” their website says.  And then they encourage visitors to click on a book they think looks interesting and read a little bit more about it.  Each book has two bits of information: what it’s about, and “why we dig it.”

For example, why Burning Through Pages digs John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars:

This book had one of our Directors (Male) watery eyed and laughing at the same time. In public. On the train. It was embarrassing how good this book was.

So if you read this description and decide that you really are interested in reading this book, you add it to your cart.  And then Burning Through Pages sends it to you.

Here’s the amazing thing, though: Burning Through Pages sends the books for free.  They are, quite literally, giving books away.

If you don’t like the book, you can give it back. If you do like the book, there’ll be another one waiting for you, free of charge. The important thing is that an adoration of reading grows. It’s not what you read that’s important to us, it’s that you enjoy whatever it is that keeps you burning through the pages.

I can’t get over how incredible this concept is.  A small, local non-profit organization, giving away books to encourage young people to read something that interests them.  And then encouraging them to talk about the books.

What makes me even more excited (can I GET more excited about this?  I’m not sure I can) is that after that “Kids on Books” picture spread across Facebook this week, Burning Through Pages is getting so much attention that their Volunteer page crashed.

Which means that, not only is this organization doing great things to get kids and teens into reading, but so many people want to be part of this great thing that the organization’s website couldn’t handle it.

Please consider my mind blown.

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  1. May 3, 2012 at 12:27 am


    I can’ thank you enough for your kind words. Really, I’d try but this comment box would be filed with “thank you, thank you, thank you, etc that nothing else would fit. I started this little charity a year back because I was looking to volunteer for something like it, and couldn’t find anything out there. We’re small still, but hoping to be big one day. As a side note, I’m also the male director who had the tears in his eyes and I’m perfectly fine admitting to that.

    Thanks again,

    Evin W. Moore

    • May 4, 2012 at 9:02 pm

      Thank you, Evin! I’m glad I was able to share my excitement about your organization! I wish you guys the very best…you truly do amaze me!

      (And good for you being fine with admitting to the tears. I was bawling like a baby through at least half of that book, so you weren’t alone in that.)

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