Geek Pride

My name is Erin.  I’m a geek…and proud of it.

Today is Geek Pride Day.  A day celebrating geekiness and all that comes with it.  A day celebrating geeks in their many shapes and forms and colors.  Tech geeks and band geeks and geeks that don wizard robes and go party it up with thousands of others in Chicago or Florida or wherever their portkeys take them.

Somehow, I get the funny feeling that most of us fall into that third category.

Whatever geeky classification you put yourself under, be proud of it.  Embrace it.  Hold it close to your heart and remember that geeks have more fun.  And in the spirit of geeky pride, I’m going to take a look at some of the particular geekdoms that rule, at the very least, our HPA staff.

Courtesy of Luke Baldacchino on flickr

  • Harry Potter geeks:  I’m going to assume that you guys already knew that.  We are the Harry Potter Alliance, after all.  It’s kind of implied.
  • Hunger Games geeks: Again, I should probably assume that you already knew about this one too, seeing as how our first non-Harry Potter campaign ever was centered on The Hunger Games.  That campaign wasn’t created just because we came up with a witty play-of-words on the title, and it just worked out to sound like a really good campaign name.  The amount of book-related debate that went into just the formation of the campaign logo was incredible.
  • And speaking of creating pretty things for our website…

  • Tech geeks: Perhaps we’re not all tech geeks to the point of some, and perhaps not all of our staff deals the subtle tweaks that come with maintaining the website, but we definitely have our fair share of tech geeks.  Acacia, sometimes known fondly as the web ninja, is one of these geeks and she can fix the coding on our website with the blink of an eye.  It’s an amazing thing to behold.  And a little frightening.  It’s a good thing she’s with us, because if the Death Eaters snagged her, the whole internet would be crashed in a day.
  • Video geeks: I never know what our vloggers are talking about when I witness conversations about editing their videos.  That’s why they’re the vloggers and I’m…not.  But they’re wonderful and if you’ve seen any of their videos (and if you haven’t…get on that), you will see that they’re all about as geeky as you can get.  Not just about YouTube, but about ALL the things.  And we love them for that.
  • Book geeks: You will never meet a group of people who can better beat a book or a book series to pulp with a rubber hose.  And the sad thing is, half the time we don’t do it intentionally.  The debates just kind of happen.  Besides, Accio Books! isn’t something we just do because Harry Potter was originally a book–we truly do value literacy.  After all, there’s a reason Andrew Slack talks often on the power of stories.
  • TV geeks: Not couch potatoes, just people who are incredibly devoted to certain TV shows.  Dr. Who, Sherlock, Glee…we all have our shows that we religiously follow and then proceed to geek out about to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen.  And even though I have yet to watch Dr. Who, I still know about the Tardis and daleks, all because things like that crop up in casual conversation around many of the staffers.
  • Activism geeks:  Is there such a thing?  I think there is.  And I think the Harry Potter Alliance, its staff, and its wonderful members all go to prove this.  We’re all geeks.  We’re all proud of it.  And we’re all trying to change the world.  We’re geeks for activism, and we use our geekiness to try to make the world a better place.

So whatever kind of geek you are, today you should celebrate it.  Shout it to the ends of the earth.  (If you love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, scoop up your towel as well, because today is also Towel Day.)  Be proud of what you are and don’t let anyone condemn you for it.  And if you want to be even more excited about being a geek, check out this survey that says just how awesome geeks are.

Today, embrace your inherent awesomeness.  Because the HPA would be nowhere without you.  Thank you for that.

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