One Nation Under the New Media

Whoo. There’s a lot going on lately, isn’t there? Wait. You don’t know what’s going on? Well, let’s see. First, the shooter who terrorized Norway was declared sane, North Korea is building a rocket, and the European Court of Human Rights has declared that an accused terrorist in Britain can be sent to the United States for trial..

Before I lose you all in a sea of ‘well, what does this have to do with me’, let’s take a look at a few things. First, jurisprudence in any country can affect what’s going on in any other country. The way the Norway shooter is prosecuted could affect American prosecutions. North Korea’s rockets could be adapted to carry nuclear weapons, and when people are sent from one country to another for trial, well, that has a whole host of other issues.

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’m not here today to talk about exactly what’s going on and what it means, though. I’m here to talk about, well, apathy. When people don’t care about what’s going on in the world, they disconnect themselves from the world itself. More and more people seem to think that if a problem is out of sight, it’s out of mind. Take Syria, for example. This article points out the many issues with ignoring all of the unrest in Syria. Yes, we all care about what’s going on, that people are being killed and harmed, but the care should go beyond that. If the problems in Syria aren’t understood, they could get worse and affect things beyond the Middle East.

Much of the reason that Voldemort rose to power in the way that he did was that enough people didn’t understand what was going on. The media covered up his rise, diverted attention to Harry, and generally ignored the problems Wizard Britain was having.

We can’t afford to have a Voldemort rise in our world. To quote Moody, we need CONSTANT VIGILANCE in knowing what’s going on around the world, and not only care, but try to understand what’s happening.

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