Women of the World… Unite?

As you all probably know by now, this past Thursday, March 8, was International Women’s Day. We’ve been talking a great deal here on our blog and over on our Imagine Better site about what fictional women inspire us. This conversation will continue throughout the month for Women’s History Month and to celebrate The Hunger Games.

While browsing through news stories about International Women’s Day, one article in particular struck my interest. It highlights some of the ways the day was celebrated across the globe, varying from protesting domestic violence in Turkey, the release of hundreds of women and children prisoners, to marching to demand a part in writing the new constitution in Egypt. Women all over the world were not just celebrating – they were marking the day by voicing what they wanted to change.

A particular quote from the article stood out to me:

“But the day looks very different across the globe, much like the differences in the lives of women worldwide.”

Women around the world celebrated together, protested together, and likely even mourned together. But all women did not unite under just one cause. Every woman’s experience of being a woman is uniquely different based on culture, laws, family, and many other factors.

So my question to you readers is: how did you spend International Women’s Day? And do you think that there is and/or can be any one issue that affects every woman in every culture or is it truly always going to differ? I’m interested to hear your opinion.

Intrigued? Visit our tumblr on Wednesday to see one of our staff answer the question above.

Happy Monday!

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