HPA, Meet New York Times.

So, the HPA is in the New York Times today. For those of you who didn’t know…that’s kind of a big deal. And by kind of I actually mean a HUGE deal. The New York Times is a prestigious, major newspaper. Our Hunger is Not a Game campaign is Catching Fire.

Which brings me to my next metaphor…

Okay, so I don’t have a next metaphor, but I do have a conversation about metaphor that I think is highly appropriate today as we spring into action! (Get it…spring. Yesterday was the first day of spring…I know. I shouldn’t have to explain my own jokes) But metaphor is the central element of what we do here. We use the stories we love as metaphors to explain what’s going on in our world and motivate people to action.

And sometimes we mix our metaphors. Generally speaking, when you’re writing or speaking this isn’t seen as a good thing. It’s confusing or weird, and one part of your metaphor might resonate with your readers or listeners. Then suddenly its displaced and one jarring transition later you’ve got a lot of people staring at you (metaphorically) with their eyebrows up and their jaws dropped.
We, however, like mixing our metaphors. We are Dumbledore’s Army and we’re working to put a stop to the Hunger Games. And our New York Times article is giving us Buffy style strength to do so!

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. The Imagine Better project is all about mixing our metaphors. Using our favorite stories to excite our friends and families, our neighbors, twitter followers and random classmates we’ll never see again but inexplicably show up on our Facebook feeds. Which are all awesome ways to tell people that you’re involved in a great organization that is featured by the New York Times!

See what I did there?

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