Child Slavery Horcrux Update!

The Deathly Hallows Campaign started with our fight for fair trade chocolate. Together we sent more than 15,000 signatures to Warner Bros. asking them to make all Harry Potter chocolate fair trade. Their chocolate is made under poor standards with a company that uses such practices as child slavery to make its products. And really, that’s just not okay.

Since last November, we have made amazing strides in getting Warner Bros. to listen. Evanna Lynch recently signed our petition and said the following about our campaign:

“As an actor in the Harry Potter films and as a lifelong fan of the Harry Potter series, it would give me great satisfaction to know that chocolate sold in Harry’s name is consistent with the values in Harry Potter. Further, we all want Harry Potter chocolate, and chocolate in general, to have a future. If we do not act in a way that is moral toward cocoa farmers now by ensuring that chocolate is fair trade, we will all pay a price in the future.”

Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer responded to our campaign, “Not in Harry’s Name” with a letter to Andrew Slack. His response thanked us for our efforts and asked for specific information that would lead Warner Bros. to not meet its own ethical sourcing guidelines. Andrew is now working with Warner Bros. consumer products to address the HPA’s concerns, specifically the “F” grade given by by the International Labor Rights Forum to the company that sells Harry Potter chocolate.

Pretty soon, we could see our efforts result in a real change. Warner Bros. is paying attention and it’s because of your help, attention, and commitment to this important campaign. We won’t give up until Warner Bros. has made the necessary change, no matter how long it takes. But if our progress so far is any indication, it won’t be long now.

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