Start Wrock 4 Equality 2 Early!

Wrock 4 Equality 2 is just a few days away! Before our epic Livestream event featuring wrock music and special guests on Saturday, though, here is more info about what we’re going to be doing to help promote marriage equality in Rhode Island!

We’re working with Marriage Equality Rhode Island to spread the word about a bill that supports same-sex marriage in the state of Rhode Island. We’ll be helping them phonebank to show our support and to help get this bill passed!

Even though the big event isn’t until Saturday, you can actually make phone calls on Thursday and Friday and still earn house points!  You’ll get 5 points per call AND 5 points for each person you get to agree to sending a digital postcard.  That’s up to 10 points/call!  And the best part is: you don’t have to keep track of your calls!  The system does it for you!

Before you start, just know that the phone lines are open between 12 pm and 9 pm EST.  This system is free and easy to use, so there’s nothing preventing you from calling!

How to Make Phone Calls on Thursday and Friday
1.  Go to
2. Choose “Click Here to Login” – do not choose the register option
3. Username: potter, Password: horcrux (many people can be logged in at the same time, so don’t worry!)
4. Go to “Training”
5. Choose “Member Build Training”
6. Watch the Training Video – about 8 minutes long
7. The Training Video will walk you through how to proceed with making phone calls

-If you want house points for your phone calls, use one of the following email addresses when prompted:,,,,
-You can download the script and practice a few times before you start.  I recommend printing it out and making a few notes on how to make it sound less scripted.
-Relax! Most people are happy to help!

Please note: this system is different than the one we will be using on Saturday.

For up-to-date announcements on marriage equality in Rhode Island, please follow on @merhodeisland, @massequality, and @mmcgarty on Twitter or Marriage Equality RI and Mass Equality on Facebook.


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  1. February 24, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I participated in Wrock 4 Equality last year a little bit. I only did a few calls, because I got really nervous, but it was still really exciting, and felt really good/helpful.
    I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t done it before that’s reading this comment to focus less on the script (although that’s definitely helpful, so be familiar with it), and more like sounding like a person. If you’re phoning person after person, your voice lands in a funk and people can tell. Obviously you care about the cause if you’re participating in it, so it’s good to make sure other people know that too.

  2. Quinn Palmer

    February 24, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Oops. I commented on a previous post offering phonebank help, and I didn’t offer my e-mail!

    Anyone is welcome to e-mail me at angelicphoenix [at] if you’d like some phone banking tips. I’ve worked on too many campaigns (even being a trainer on one!), and I am more than happy to help any wrockers who would like to talk it through with someone. Or lots of someones, really.

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