Recap – Halloween Livestream Show!

On October 31, 2010 Andrew Slack held a DA meeting with special guests John Green, Matt Magiacomo, Jeff Goldman, Jarrod Perkins, Lauren Fairweather, and Simon Billenness. The livestream officially launched The Deathly Hallows Campaign. It announced the Starvation Wages horcrux as the first horcrux and the start of the petition for Time Warner to change all Harry Potter chocolate to Fair Trade.

Some of the highlights from the show include…

  • The Heads of Houses for the House Cup were announced:
    Ravenclaw – John Green
    Gryffindor – Jarrod Perkins
    Hufflepuff – Lauren Fairweather
    Slytherin – Kristina Horner
    House of Awesome – Matt Maggiacomo
  • We broke the Internet (particularly the petition) several times. John Green noted that Nerdfighters and the Harry Potter fandom frequently break the Internet.
  • Simon discussed creative ways of adding to the power of the petition (making videos, sending letters, calling, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Andrew introduced the letter the HPA sent to Time Warner asking them to officially change over the chocolate to Fair Trade.
  • Matt, first head of the House of Awesome, explained why he created the house.
  • Lauren, Matt, and Jarrod announced a special prize for the winning house!
  • Andrew went on a not-so-brief but thoroughly inspiring self-identified rant. He noted in it the power we have right now and how much we can do with it. We must take advantage now of what will likely never be the atmosphere again around Harry Potter.
  • We received 720 signatures in 2 hours!

If you missed the show, NO WORRIES! You can view it at (find it in the channel’s library near the bottom of the page).

Visit for more information on The Deathly Hallows Campaign; and don’t forget to sign the petition!

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