Wrock the Vote

As summer wizard rock tours near their close this week, we here at the Harry Potter Alliance have an important question for you.

Have you WROCKED the VOTE?

Of course, by this we mean have you registered to vote? How about your friends? And your family?

If not, there is still plenty of time. Click here for more information and the voter registration form. Voting is the easiest way to participate in our democracy. Its the easiest way to make our voices heard, to make sure that our government works the way we want it to.

But now that you’re registered (or will be very, very soon, right?) its time to start thinking about the issues that are important to you and how those will affect whom and what you vote for. So what are going to be the decisive issues for you in the midterm elections?

We’re all concerned about the economy and the job market, right? Because some of us are trying to pay for college, or help our families with bills or save up spending money. Perhaps its the environment that will make the difference for you when you vote this fall, or marriage equality or education. These are all issues that affect our lives and the lives of our friends, families and neighbors. And they represent a good portion of the issues that we should be thinking about when we get ready to vote in November.

So now is a good time to start researching, and asking questions. The more information you’ve got, the easier it will be to make a confident and informed decisions. Head over to the Ning discussions on the topic by clicking here. Check back to the blogs for information about issues you care about. Talk to people you know and read the newspaper, blogs, and commentaries.

And if you aren’t old enough to vote yet, don’t worry! There is still plenty you can do. Pay attention to the news and the issues that are important to you. You can still talk about them with your friends and family. You can be an advocate and a source of information for people who are old enough to vote. Maybe that article you show them will change their mind about a certain issue or candidate. Maybe that statistic about the special ballot initiative in your state will help your friend win an argument with someone else. And when you do turn 18, you won’t have to start from scratch because you’ll already be very well informed.

So get ready guys, because Wrock the Vote might be ending, but the fun is only just getting started.

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