Weekly Wrap Up Blog July 31 – August 6

It’s about that time for another Weekly Wrap Up Blog! Sit right down with some popcorn and get ready to learn some new things and have some fun!

It’s been a long hard road, but it looks like the battle for marriage equality in California will soon be won! Proposition 8, which denied same-sex couples the right to marriage, has been overturned. Prop 8 Decision Announced Wednesday (AKA Today!) is a great post from Grace about the historic decision that was made on Wednesday.

Looking for a fun and informative way to get involved with the fight for marriage equality? Visit Prop 8 Trial Tracker to learn more!

I, for one, am a horrible singer, but I love music! Head on over to the Ning and the discussion on thespians/musicians/the arts to talk about your musical talents!

Remember how awesome it was when JKR donated a set of signed books to the HPA for Helping Haiti Heal? Are you still drooling over the possibility of owning them? Well, you’ve still got a chance! The HPA is partnering with the Association of Electrical Contractors of New York City in an auction to win the books. All proceeds will go to the AEC’s scholarship fund, as well as their support of Kamp Kiwanis. Click here to enter to win!

The Senate has decided to table a climate change bill until the fall. This bill would impose greenhouse gas limits on power plants and do a lot for helping the effort to reverse the effects of climate change on the environment. Frustrated by the Senates’ inaction on climate change? Want to learn more about how to help the environment? Visit the Protego Earth section of the Ning for easy tips on going green and doing more for the environment!

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