Weekly Wrap Up Blog, Friday the 13th edition!

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up Blog, Friday the 13th edition! This week has shaped up to be an eventful one, from important political news to the even more important #MAK4SLACK events of this Wednesday.

Before we get into that, be sure to read Amanda’s blog post about healing the wounds of genocide in Rwanda and beyond. Post your comments to join the discussion!

Ning members are constantly debating which wizard rock song is their favorite. My favorite wrock song? I can’t possible choose just one! What’s your favorite Wrock song? Join the discussion here on the Ning!

On a side note, all Ning members should make sure they join their House group! Whether you are a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff, there are plenty of secret House discussions to join in with your fellow House members and your House prefects.

Wednesday, August 11th was Ginny Weasley’s birthday, but more importantly… our fearless leader Andrew Slack’s 31st! HPA members celebrated by performing random Magical Acts of Kindness and tweeting about them with the #mak4slack tag. Here’s a sampling of some MAKs for Slack:

-“Tonight I wrote compliments with chalk down the sidewalks in my neighborhood for people to see in the morning. #MAK4SLACK”

-“I left little notes saying ‘You’re beautiful’ on the mirrors in the girls restrooms today! #MAK4SLACK”

-“I shared a sandwich and an apple to a colleague who didn’t have money for lunch. #MAK4SLACK

If it’s even possible to cram more into that MAK-packed Wednesday, it also began the holy month of Ramadan for the Islamic community.

Sofia’s blog post talks a bit about the ongoing controversy surrounding the building of a proposed mosque and Islamic center near the Ground Zero site. Voice your opinion on this hot issue with your own blog

post on the Ning. Your blog could be featured on the Weekly Wrap Up Blog next week!

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