Ning Weekly Wrap-Up Blog (June 18th-June 25th)

Why, hello there! How’ve you been? How’s your mother? Is that a new haircut? Now that we’ve got those tedious formalities out of the way, on to the regularly scheduled Weekly Wrap-Up Blog, written by moi, Emma.

Try to remain calm once you’ve read this marvelous news. The HPA is in first place in the Chase Community Giving Contest! If you haven’t voted yet, do so by going to Then, join the slew of people, such as Potter actors Tom Felton and Chris Rankin, in spreading the word by telling all your friends and family.

Temporary HPA Staff:
The HPA is looking for temporary staff members to help with HPAFTW. To learn more, read this blog or send an e-mail to

New HPA Merchandise:
Check out the marvelous new necklace made by HPA staffer Eme, you can find it here in our shop. Take a look at all the other HPA goodies while your at it!

Indian Caste System:
60 years later, and India’s caste system may be making a revival. To learn more about what’s going on and what effects reinstating the caste system could have, read this news article.

One Ocean-One World:
HPA member Dorothy wrote a truly insightful blog this week. In it, she makes comparisons and connections, and uses water as a metaphor for humanity.

What Would You See In The Mirror of Erised?:
As Potter fans, I’m sure we’ve all considered what we would see if we were to look into the Mirror of Erised. If you feel like sharing, go ahead and chime into this intriguing discussion.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:
As everyone who isn’t currently residing under a rock knows, the Harry Potter theme park opened this week! To read all about it (and to see some very neat pictures) go to…

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to vote for the HPA to win $250K at

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