Sticking it to the Ministry

Real World Auror and huge HPA supporter John Prendergast spoke before the UN Security Council today to WAKE THEM THE FREAK UP about their disgusting complacency toward the genocide in Darfur. We as activists are working so hard to end this genocide and the UN Security Council, largely thanks to China who sits on the Council has been nothing short of despicable in following up with its promises to protect the people of Darfur. Prendergast spoke to them today and wrote this article on it. The UN was formed after the Holocaust with a commitment to “Never Again.” They have failed the people of Darfur in fulfilling that commitment and the time for their pathetic and malicious failure must end. Thank you to the real world Order of the Phoenix members like Prendergast for standing up to the Council.

Let’s make “Never Again” mean “NEVER AGAIN!”

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